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Lovell Ministries

Apr 5, 2020

In these crazy, unknown times, we all find ourselves anxious.  But God tells us to be "anxious for nothing".  In this teaching, Debbi will show you how, even now, to be anxious for nothing.  Join us!

Nov 6, 2019

We live our lives based on the world's economy.  But what if we lived our lives in God's economy.  We would have so much more.  In this teaching, we will talk about how to live in God's economy and have everything that He has promised us.  Join us!

Oct 30, 2019

In the parable of the Prodigal Son, there are 2 sons.  We know all about the younger one.  In today's teaching, we are going to learn all about the other son.  And it will change everything!  Join us!

Oct 23, 2019

Are you feeling alone?  Are you literally alone?  In this teaching, Debbi will show us all throughout God's word, how we are never alone, even though we feel like we are and how to push back from our feelings to reality.  Don't forget to download the scripture list from on the Podcast page....

Oct 16, 2019

Our boat is our comfort zone - it's so cozy that we never want to leave.  It is time to get out of your boat and have the life God wants you to have, but you don't want to drown.  In this teaching, you will see how God instructs us to get out of our boat and have the life he personally designed for us....